“Young Scrooge McDuck” is a continuation of my other art piece called: “The Vault of Scrooge McDuck”. Where I mixed and matched the cartoon character from the old days with the most sought-after luxury life wants by the rich and famous in the new days. 

Growing up as a kid, I watched the life of a treasure-hunter Scrooge McDuck from DuckTails. In this cartoon, Scrooge becomes wealthy by treasure hunting worldwide. However, my interpretation is that Young Scrooge was simply a gangster who became wealthy by controlling his territory. I wanted to paint how Scrooge would look like in today’s modern era, where mostly everything in life revolves around money. Wanted to portray what millennials and generation Z are most interested in. Some of the big headlines these days are: cryptocurrency, NFTs, luxury watches, brands, jewelry and other exclusive items that are must-haves. After all, we gamble everyday in our lives, it’s either all or nothing!

There is a hidden secret about the value of this art. A slight hint – Scrooge is playing poker on a whole different level!!!


All of this is also captured in private NFT collection by Roman Royce: